A new study released by the World Wildlife Fund says that crab populations in the Russian Far East are at risk of collapse because of overharvest from illegal fishing.

The ten-year study of trade and customs data identified major discrepancies between the amount of crab reportedly harvested in Russian waters and the amount imported into other countries.

NOAA and American Seafoods Company (ASC) this week agreed to settle three civil enforcement cases involving flow scales on board the ASC’s fishing vessels. The cases relate to events that occurred during 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2012 in the Alaska pollock fishery. Pursuant to the settlement, ASC agreed to pay a combined civil penalty of $1.75 million.

The cases charged that personnel aboard the ASC’s catcher-processor vessels American Dynasty, Ocean Rover and Northern Eagle violated the Magnuson Stevens Act and the American Fisheries Act by causing the flow scales to weigh inaccurately.

The total number of pink salmon cans that were packed in Petersburg this summer was 4,883,627.

That’s the combined total from the two local fish plants Petersburg Fisheries Incorporated and Ocean Beauty Seafoods. The numbers came along with the announcement of the winners of the local guessing game, Canned Salmon Classic. The 2014 winner is Melva Randrup in first place and Deya Edgell in second place. Randrup was off by only 7,084 cans and Edgell was off by 15,748 cans.

For their guesses, Randrup wins $2,000 and Edgell $1,000.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has launched its updated standard for sustainable fishing, which is claimed to reflect the most up-to-date understanding of fishery science and management.

The updated standard, Version 2.0 of the MSC’s Fisheries Certification Requirements, was developed over the past two years and involved a year-long consultation with fishing industry experts, scientists, NGOs and MSC’s wide network of partners.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is on a salmon-buying binge. It usually spends $6 million a year buying pink salmon. This summer, it is spending a total $39 million.

That's a relief for fishermen who caught pink salmon in record quantities back in 2013. A year-and-a-half's worth of pink salmon was caught in that year, and now millions of cans from that year are still sitting in warehouses.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a North Coast lawmaker’s bill banning the commercial production of genetically altered salmon.

AB 504, authored by Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, D-Arcata, extends the prohibition of spawning or cultivating so-called “transgenic salmonids” in the Pacific Ocean to all waters of the state. The hatchery production and stocking of such fish also is prohibited.

Thor Sigfusson, Managing Director of the Iceland Ocean Cluster (Sjavarklasinn) and Sigurjon Arason, Chief Engineer at MATIS opened the conference, which was held in association with MATIS.
Some of these products can be sold for very high prices. Fish skin, for example, as well as being turned into leather for belts, wallets, even whole garments, can also be used for medical bandages with a price tag of $150 per kg. Indeed one speaker said: ‘Give me the skin and throw the rest [of the fish] out!’

n the near decade that has passed, pink shrimp, once touted as the town's saviors through the 1928 depression and later fires at processing plants, became passing mention in conversation as residents recalled shelling catches after high school.

Alaska’s Congressional Delegation and their colleagues from Washington State are pushing the Food and Drug Administration to change the market name for pollock and clearly differentiate it from inferior fish harvested in Russia.

Rising demand is putting Pacific cod sellers in a favorable position as prices tick up.

Sellers canvassed by Undercurrent News said demand for cod is strong in most markets around the world now.

“There is very little to no inventory anywhere,” one source at a Pacific cod supplier told Undercurrent, echoing comments made by Tradex Foods CEO Rob Reierson in the company’s Sept. 22 “3-Minute Market Insight” video.