PERMIT NEWS: March/April 2012


The following is a rundown of the current limited entry permit market, primarily in Alaska. If you don’t see something that you think should be included, shoot us an email. We're at


Bay permits were still sitting at $120k at the end of February. Trading has been steady, supply and demand balanced. Activity in SE permits slowed down to a normal pace with permits available starting @ $95k, but no current offers. A recent sale of a PWS permit was in the high $170s. Cook Inlet permits dried up, with the lowest available in the mid $80s and offers in the mid $70s. Nothing new in Area M.


A recent listing of a SE permit came out @ $225k, toward the upper end of the current buyback. Offers for PWS permits are in the mid $170s, but sellers are @ $200k. New listings of Kodiak permits were in the mid to upper $40s, with not much activity. Area M permits were available @ $65k.


SE Power Troll permits are holding in the mid $30s. Hand Troll permits were available from $11-12k.


Interest in Puget Sound Dungy permits was picking up with a recent sale around $60k. California Lobster and Rock Crab permits were in demand. Buyers were looking for any Dungy permits for California in the 4-500 pot tiers.