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Navigation Using Waypoints on Your Next Trekking Trip

In advance of your next hiking trip consider placing some waypoints on your onX maps app. Having these waypoints can enhance your experience by making sure you don’t miss any significant features on or off your next hiking trail.

Waypoints can be added to any phone map, off-road map, or trail map that you like to use. I use the onX maps myself. I find that I can place waypoints while in the field to keep track of where I see animal signs for my hunts.

I have also used the mapping program to get myself found. I once hiked in the remote Superstition Mountain Wilderness and I had no signal with my cell service. However, when I started my trip I used the Tracker function on my onX app. This tracked my hiking and when I needed to turn around and get back to my truck, I just followed the tracker back to my starting point.

Keep your waypoints marked correctly. On the onX map program, you can change the name of the waypoint. Mark it water, different animals, tracks, bucks, does, it doesn’t matter. You even have the option to take a picture at that waypoint to remind yourself later of what you saw.

So keep track of your adventure by placing some waypoints on a map!

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